Aric Morrison CTACC

 Adversity Coach and Transition Mentor 

I help families transitioning with critical illness or loss, to better navigate change.

Critical Illness

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed, the impending changes are rapid. Who can you turn to to provide guidance for next steps, support and an empathetic resource ?  I can be there along side of you for the chaotic journey.


There are no words to effectively describe the emotions felt due to the loss of a loved one. Your life has instantly changed forever. Daily tasks become unfamiliar, uncertainty makes way for impending changes not foreseen.

Your  world is in sudden chaos due to illness

or loss…now what? 

 You don’t need to wade through tough times alone.


Were you or someone close to you recently diagnosed with critical a illness?

Do you have a loved one in the hospital seeking treatment?

Do you and/or a family member need some help getting acclimated to hospital life and the many changes associated with it?

Are you struggling to find the right balance between hospital and family / work time?

Are you relocating to be with a loved one who is battling illness, and need some guidance?

Is your family unit being impacted by the trauma of having a loved one battling?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by sudden loss or critical diagnosis, and confused about how to move ahead?


You have just received the most disturbing news. Diagnosis day is terrible. Now what?


Hospital stays can completely disrupt a family unit.  Change is eminent. What can you expect?


Work/Family/Support balance needs to be completely reassessed. Where do you begin?


With critical illness or loss, your life changes instantly. Do you have a resource that has truly BEEN there?

What Is Coaching?
What is Mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring are similiar in that they both strive to aid clients in finding solutions to their issues, concerns, troubles, problems or uncertainties in life. They differ dramatically, in that each of their approaches are unique  on how to best aid the client.  Both  possess a different discipline to finding the correct desired outcome.

How can I benefit from Coaching?

Effective coaching can help open the lines for self-discovery via communication, questions and dialogue. It ultimately helps a client to determine their desired outcome, and how to get there over time.

How can I benefit from Mentoring?

A mentor can help give greater direction and employ experiences to help provide strong support for various scenarios that need to be overcome.

Which is right for me?

We will not know until we have an initial discovery session so that together we can determine the best approach for you.

Do you need a therapist?

A therapist specializes in a “top down” approach to help you solve your specific issues. Coaching places us on equal footing to mutually work together at solving your issues. Mentoring is more guided approach whereby I can assist you based upon my experiences.  If your situation is such that a therapist is a better fit for you, I will suggest it and not take you on as a client. 

Will either Coaching or Mentoring even work for me?

The short answer here is…yes. Depending on what the nature of your needs are, either one can provide significant help to you in achieving your goals.  The first session is free, you have no obligation.


About Me

‘I spent the first part of my professional career in executive level corporate positions, learning a lot about human behavior, business acumen, and managerial leadership. Currently I have a graduate and two undergraduate degrees, a subsequent certification in crisis management, and completion of an executive leadership curriculum held at Duke University. I have a national certification from the Coach Training Alliance for  life coaching, to practice my business.   I also possess two Master Level Expert Rating’s, one for Life Coaching and the other for Public Speaking.

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 “I saw Aric on stage recently, first let me tell you that I was blown away by his story and how he overcame adversity. I absolutely knew that he could help me with his coaching. I wasn’t wrong, amazing…”

Lisa L.

Old Tappan, New Jersey

“I spent a long time thinking that I was superwoman, until something very bad happened in my life. I quickly realized that I wasn’t.  Aric told me that together we would get through it. He was absolutely right.”

 Barbara G.

 Lexington, Ma

“What I needed was someone to help me during a time when I was low. This guy was there to help me… and then some. If your going through something hard, Mr. Morrison has already been through it, he can relate.”

 Tim W.

New York, New York


Stealing Home

A very personal novel about my life journey. When I make the joke about having written the book on facing adversity, I  finally did.  It took ten years and a lot of soul searching.  Available soon at and Amazon.

Self Help

Everyone faces tough situations and each of us approaches them differently. In this step by step self-help book, you will see the Change Navigation Model which I created to help each of my reader guests better face adversity like a “Rockstar”.  Available today at and Amazon.

My Blogs

Thoughtful, compelling, moving and sometimes very emotional.   Genuinely raw, are  most of my observations for your consideration. 

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Initially, the first step toward healing is to recognize that other’s are available to help. When you schedule an initial free consult, we discuss your situation and determine if my coaching or mentoring is the absolute best approach for you.