It’s been roughly 17 days when we were told to modify our lives. In this time, what an interesting experience it has been. I have to laugh a bit at some of things I have seen, because when facing adversity in any form…you need to keep your mind in the proper state of check. It makes no difference what your facing whether the Corona Crisis, Critical Illness, Divorce or Relocation for example. When dealing with tough stuff, sometimes you reach a point when you simply have to shake your head and smile with incredulity. Is it a way of coping, absolutely !

Relax, take a breath and poke a little at where you are today. Of course, I am speaking strictly about the  C-Virus here and not any other form of adversity.  Most of my blogs tend to be emotionally deep, thoughtful, observational, and reflective. Today is Monday, and I am going to keep light ! My hope is you will too today and each day during this global challenge.

If I have learned one thing after swimming in deep water for most of life; it is the reality there is still humor to found in everyday situations, regardless. If you choose to wallow in self-pity during adversity and wake each day and reflect on your own perceived misfortune, I can promise you those days will become longer and longer and harder and harder to come back from in terms of positive energy and outlook.  At least for today, put your emotions on hold and try to laugh again.

To pass my time this afternoon, I got ready to enjoy a slice of pizza while I watched videos. Without warning,  the bubbling hot-melted cheese dripped off the side of it and rested on top of my bare foot in a mixed blob of grease, cheese, sauce and half a mushroom. It had suddenly created what could only be described as a red-eye circle on the top of my fully exposed foot.  I removed the molten cheese before allowing it to burn through down to the bone, by shaking my ankle and hopping up and down on the other foot while yelping as Kramer had done in Dinky Doughnuts, trying to get the attention of Joe DiMaggio. Today, “good times, never felt so good.”

Point being,  there is no shortage of people creating videos, writing funny quips, doing silly dances or simply showing a little too much of their extra winter hibernation skin online. Whatever it is in terms of contribution, it can absolutely be found without much effort. There is a veritable treasure trove of content out there right now. Ever thought about being a star yourself? If you sing in the shower, dance in the kitchen, tell horribly unfunny jokes or simply enjoy being creative…now-just might be your time to shine so to speak. You know you want to.

Why not take a moment to become your own director or performer and craft a masterpiece ready to be unleashed on the world? If it sucks, trust me one of two things will happen. Either the masses will appreciate your creativity and be happy you shared it, or the masses might laugh at your effort but if so, you have still successfully taken their minds’ off the current situation. Either way, you did what your intent was in terms of entertaining others right? William Hung became a famous name this way. So, in the words of a famous 1989 rapper… “come on fatso, just bust a move”.  You know what I mean here…don’t get sensitive.

My personal favorite is the guy who put a black sock over his hand and pretended to be Pacman eating the cars as they drove by in the background. There was absolutely no sound to the video, just the hand puppet mouth opening and closing as each automobile become “swallowed.” Brilliant. Simple yet so effective. Stir crazy… perhaps a little of that too. But the guy had the correct frame of mind. Sit and frustrate or sit and eat cars. He chose the latter.

Yesterday,  in between videos I found myself taking apart the casing to my vacuum cleaner just for fun. I had always known the motor to have been very strong, so I set my efforts on checking that sucker out, just because. I wanted to see that bad boy in motion. Carefully, I found the plastic seam and pried it open slowly with my screwdriver. Curiously, there were no screws holding it place as I later found out there was not supposed to be any. Needless to tell you, I broke it.

The powerful motor was exposed, I turned it on still wanting to see it in action if only for a few moments. It hummed along like a well-oiled Suzuki. I admired it while vacuuming the room without realizing it  had been spewing dust, fuzz, hair, some form of hardened material which may or may not have once been the corner of a Mounds, Hershey or a Zagnut candy bar, and also what I think were the remains from a few dead daddy long legged bugs. All flew back out and onto my carpet from the other side of the fully exposed Electrolux.

I had completely forgotten the replacement bags had not arrived yet from Amazon. There was absolutely no bag in there, and with the casing now completely broken open…you know the rest of this story. What came in came right back out, taking the wide path like pellets spewing out of a sawed off shot gut. Crap was everywhere now, oh the humanity. At least I finally saw the motor in action.

I should have had the camera running these last few days.

In the meantime, I’ll just watch the video of the women with long brown hair pretending to be the back side of a horse being ridden by her husband as they both bounce up and down in unison in their kitchen. Him pretending to be cowboy, her pretending to be his four-legged mode of transportation. One cannot make this stuff up…clip clop, clip clop.

You just never know when it may be your turn to put on the clown make-up and entertain.

Stay positive, stay safe and stay smiling.


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