Aric Morrison CTACC

Adversity Coach and Transition Mentor


The goal of my business is to provide on-going guidance to my clients in a way I could have benefited from, when I was facing my darkest days alongside my critically ill child.

My Story

Ten years ago, my two-year child was diagnosed with a critical illness that almost took his young life. The ordeal was totally unforeseen, and it nearly destroyed our family unit in process. We were all completely and utterly unprepared for the immediate changes his diagnosis and treatment would demand of us. During those very dark days, we had no coach, no books, no so-called experts to lean on…it was just us. We went through hell, all alone. 

And that…is entirely why I created this mentor coaching business. No one should have to endure the horror of critical illness or loss, without having someone there to help guide them through their changing emotions, confused state, and decision making phases. I will remain by your side through it all, I know of the value.

As a client, you can be assured if you are entrusting me to aid you during one of the most dramatic points in your life, that I understand completely the nuances of your plight. It is why I created this business, to be there for you.

My Values & Beliefs


If I can help someone who might be feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed or even desperate, I will have been able to “give-back” via my life journey.


I conduct my life with the utmost character in everything  I undertake. If I genuinely cannot provide necessary support to a client, I will work with them to find a better resource for their needs.


  I have faced adversity in many forms : sudden loss, critical illness, hospital transition, the disability of a child,  family-life impact,  relationship and divorce, work/life balance, family/balance… to name a few.  I live each day with the on-going mortality of my own child.  Have assured confidence that I can relate to what you are facing.

My Approach

 We begin with a very confidential 15 minute phone conversation to discuss your current  situation. If I believe my services can specifically be beneficial to you and with your ultimate agreement,  a free consult will be scheduled so we can discuss your needs, my perspective on your situation and recommendations moving forward. Depending on scheduling, all sessions are either on the phone, face to face in-hospital, or at a mutually agreed upon destination.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. I Am in Business to HELP YOU.