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Teacher’s  Pet

Teacher’s Pet

Here we are, together again in words only. Up until this virus mess, we met every fourteen days for a few minutes, and then went upon our own individual paths for the remainder of the day. A nice cadence, until the bottom of everyday  fell away from reality....

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Take Two

Take Two

Aric H. Morrison pauses briefly to speak about his new book titled ADVERSITY ROCKSTAR. A request from his subscribers to give some details on the book creation.

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Gazebo Effect

Gazebo Effect

At the lightning speed of a sloth, the concept of time for most of us is on a similar pace right now . Eyes open, the next day begins anew and then together places us into a very familiar routine.  An intersection of frustration, peace, distance, purpose, safety and...

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  • I believe in sharing through words.
  • Thoughts and feelings can be used to help others.
  • Read, reflect and consider what I have posted.
  • I am actively writing each and every day