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Helping you find answers

Goal Setting

You bring the agenda and we work from there in each coach / client meeting to come to a solution for your issue.


Before we start each session, we review your progress and your  commitment to your agreed upon successes from the previous one. 


Coaching or mentoring is conducted either in person or on the phone (depending on geography). Each session is held for 50 minutes, with a reacap and action plan for the client at the conclusion.


I am willing to tailor my schedule to fit the needs of my clients. Adversity doesn’t read a clock, your emotional healing should not be bound by one either.


There alongside you, when the world  is upside down

 Sudden change is never easy, when it is thrust upon you without notice…it can be overwhelming. Sometimes in addition to paying so much attention on how we look on the outside, we tend to lose sight of keeping balance on the inside. Voyaging through change with someone alongside who has been through what you are dealing with…might truly be what you need right now.


You deserve to have support…

The sky doesn't have to fall, in order to still seek a little help.

I have personally been exposed to realtionship issues, addiction, critical illness, the passing of a loved one,  job relocation, job loss, and an entire host of other challenges in my life. Regardless of severity, any issue important to you is important to me. Chances are very good I have already encountered it at some point in my life.

When was the last time you did something totally for yourself and no one else? Do you know of someone who might appreciate this as gift?

You might find once you have had a few coaching or mentoring sessions, you might wonder why you hadn’t taken the time to do it sooner!

Doesn't it make sense to seek assistance from someone who can personally relate?

My clients take great comfort in knowing the person across from them or on the phone, can intimately relate to what they are sharing. My coach / client relationships are never “top-down”,  we seek to find the same horizon.

Can you picture in your mind what "tomorrow" looks like to you?

You already might know what that image consists of, but perhaps have not been able to get there. With my help, let’s persue crafting your blueprint together.

How Do I know If Mentor / Coaching is Right ?

The honest answer is… you don’t immediately know until you spend some time exploring if it is a fit for you.    Together, we first need to discuss your needs and your goals.


If you can relate to any of these adversity scenarios, coaching or mentoring might be a good fit for you.


Have you been trying but failing to shake your "emotional funk"?

Coaching allows an opportunity for us to specifically target what your immediate goals are and formulate a plan to help you achieve them weekly to break free from your “funk”.

Don't find much comfort when people say " I understand", when they know you are struggling.

The  real truth is; their intentions are nice but unless someone has truly experienced the exact same thing as you, they can’t  possibly understand. Words of sympathy float along on the surface, but unless there is an actionable plan behind them they do very little to provide solutions. Coaching and Mentoring puts words into actions.

Do you need someone to provide motivation and direction for a specified period of time as you wade through difficult times?

A transition mentor might be just the thing for you. As a mentor, I can offer you my expertise on how to better cope. You will realize my committed support firsthand, as we forge together on your new path.

Have too much internal pride to admit to yourself you might benefit from a little help?

As a former Chief Officer, I always felt as though I had all of the answers. Very few could tell me otherwise, until I faced the critical illness of my child. I was quickly humbling to realize I didn’t have any of the answers on how to overcome what I had been facing. I awoke one morning completely lost. I knew nothing of what I had been about to face, or the impact it would have on my life.

Is there someone in your life who might benefit?

If costs absolutely nothing to have an initial consult with me to discuss what is on their mind. Perhaps together, we can both help bring support to someone who you care about.

My Approach

I take every single client who invests time with me as being the most important person in the moment. Your issues are complex and difficult, and can be very emotionally draining.  My approach is to make certain you understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Together we will work to help you find a better path toward healing and overcoming obstacles.

 I encourage openness and transparency towards what is troubling you. We cannot mutually work to create a healing strategy, without understanding fully where your emotional space is confining you from doing so. Sitting alone in a hospital room, caring for an ill loved one, or starting over after loss…are all areas where I can help  you.


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We begin the process with an initial 15 minute free session. Look at this first consult almost like a job interview where YOU are the hiring professional. Do  I have the demeanor, personality traits and  overall compatibility that you are seeking in someone to help you through something as personal as coaching or mentoring ?


Appropriate Direction

Even if it has been determined  we mutually might be a good “fit to work together, the process still needs a thorough investigation of needs. If there is a coaching or mentoring plan I feel might benefit you, we can then review and discuss next steps. If your situation is such I do not feel as though I can add the right benefit you need, I may suggest a referral.

Reach Your Goals

We speak based upon your desired frequency and work towards achieving your short and long term goals. You work hard for your money,  I take pride in my efforts to assist my clients in succeeding.  I will  hold you accountable on your weekly commitments on getting to a better place based upon those goals.


 One on One Coaching / Mentoring

Let’s work together and find some common ground on solving your pressing issues that might be clouding your days. Together, we will determine in advance whether coaching or mentoring is the right fit for you.


More Details

Personal one on one coaching and mentoring is a powerful way to invest in your own  emotional health and well-being. With each client, my complete energy and focus is brought to every coaching and mentoring session.  We begin each meeting with a recap from accomplishments, and from there move on to the next issue, problem, or concern specific to that session. 

Group Coaching / Mentoring

Perhaps you have a group of like-minded individuals, friends, co-workers or family who might all be struggling together. Group Coaching or Mentoring sessions might be just the program for consideration.

Let’s Talk

More Details

There is incredible strength in numbers. When a group of people are in need, the collaborative healing process can be significant. Sometimes all that it takes, is a little compassion, empathy and guidance. As a coach and mentor to your group, you benefit from my life learnings.  Together we can schedule sessions to help several people all struggling with the same form of adversity to reach their mutually agreed upon goals.

 Staff Coaching for Organization

Adversity strikes in many different ways, on any given day chances are someone around you at work is struggling  in some way to overcome it.  As an added benefit to employees/staff,  why not consider offering a monthly opportunity for them to sit down and receive a little help. 


More Details

Life is stressful, work is stressful. Everyone has something  on their mind which might be bothering them. Many organizations and business today are offering a myriad of creative ways to keep employees more engaged and productive. At Deep Water Mentor Coaching, we can set up a program to meet in person or via conferencing with your employees who might want a little assistance. As a business owner, why not invest in your loyal staff? Can you afford not to these days? Inquire about this option, I can customize a program specifically for your needs.

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